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stackable Wood Wine Holder, Holder, Wine Racks, Countertop Racks


There’s nothing like having a versatile, yet useful addition to your home & this stackable wood wine rack fits the bill. Do you have limited space in your kitchen? Or maybe its an irregular design? Well each one of these stackable wood wine racks can be moved around to create almost any shape for any amount of bottles. They feature rubber feet on the bottom to keep them firmly in place when removing bottles, as well as supports on the inside to keep the bottle secure & uniform with the other holders. These wood wine holders can fit almost any size wine or liquor bottle with many different finish variations. These counter top wine racks will suit any kitchen or pantry. Whether you’re looking for a rustic wine rack or clean polished wine rack look we have it all! Stack them high or long, these wine bottle holders are the perfect fit! These are handmade in the USA. Wine Holders Are Sold Individually & made to order Sizes: Standard: This size is just big enough to fit your standard wine bottles & liquor bottles. (Will fit bottles up to 3 3/8″ circumference) Universal: This size fits almost any size bottle up to & including champagne & cognac. (Will fit bottles up to 4 1/4″ Circumference) Shipping FREE STANDARD SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $34.99 Please allow 3 – 7 business days to full-fill orders as all these pieces are handmade per order. Orders may ship slower depending on order amount or shop workload. Making them as perfect as possible is our number 1 priority! Dimensions Universal Octagon 5 1/8″ W x 9 3/4″ L x 5 1/8″ T Standard Octagon 4 3/8″ W x 9 3/4″ L x 4 3/8″ T Standard Square 4 3/8″ W x 9 3/4″ L 4 3/8″ T External Disclaimer Every single item is hand crafted using all natural materials. Wood isn’t perfect, nor completely uniform like a synthetic material. This is what gives wood its appeal, as no two pieces are the same. Wood will lighten/darken (depending on the species) over time, as well as wear. It may have knots or other visual variances, but don’t be alarmed. This is part of it’s natural process & in no way effects its usefulness. Unless otherwise stated the finish applied to the wood is wear resistant & not water proof. Prolonged exposure to direct contact with water will warp or disfigure the wood as well as excessive wear & use. stackable Wood Wine Holder, Holder, Wine Racks, Countertop Racks

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