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Caper Stacking Chair, Molded Seat by Herman Miller / Black


Caper Stacking Chair with Molded Seatby Herman Miller At A Glance: The Caper Chair is a light and portable option for group seating. Whether you’re looking to fill a boardroom or a cafeteria, or just for a couple of side chairs, these are a bright and colorful option. Loose, inexpensive, and extremely flexible – a model for the modern company, and the modern office. What’s To Like: The price for this chair is outstanding – it’s by far one of the cheapest side chairs on the fine furniture market. The molded plastic makeup of the chair makes it a lot lighter than most of its fellows, i.e., easier to move from place to place. The Bottom Line: These are great options for office and homes that need a lot of chairs that can serve a lot of purposes. The feel of the chairs is literally and figuratively light, so that’s a big big plus. Herman Miller has always been a giant in the work chair industry, with a massive catalogue of beautiful, iconic, comfortable, ergonomic, and yes, expensive chairs all having received their due on the national and international stage. However, the modern moment has moved away in some respects from the monolithic furniture of the 20th century, and now flexibility, adaptability, and value are more and more important to businesses and buyers. That’s why Herman Miller has invested in designs and designers that are interested in those things and more, who want to make useful furniture, but who also bear the unmistakable stamp of class and quality that has made Herman Miller and international name. Say hello to the Herman Miller Caper Chair. The Herman Miller Caper Chair is a new arrival on the scene of flexible, playful office furniture. It’s got a breezy feel and a curvilinear, engaging profile. The back of the chair is almost freestanding, relying very little on traditional support (poles or bars that run up the sides of the chair, all the way to the shoulder). The small holes that dot the seat and back not only look great, they allow air to pass freely between the user and the atmosphere, cutting down on heat buildup and discomfort. They also bring to mind a part of designer Jeff Weber’s design philosophy; that industrial design items like chairs and desks should be the connective tissue between people and their environments. The holes make it seem as if the Caper Chair is both; a solid piece of design fading to the environment, and vice versa. Another part of Weber’s design criteria, that every piece of material be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, is expressed in the simple materials of the chair. There are the legs, polished and elegant, and all one piece. And then the sweeping, gentle curves of the back and seat, which are separated but similar. The chair comes in a variety of colors and finishes, the better to accentuate our room, office, or floor. There is an element of partnership in the design, as there is with all of the products here at Smart Furniture; the customer is always the final designer, choosing the right finishes and colors for their taste and space. The Herman Miller Caper Chair is also known by the following manufacturer Item Numbers: WC420N, WC420P, WC410N, WC410P. Materials: Tubular steel frame with a perforated, contoured molded back. Dimensions:Overall: 32″ h x 24.25″ w x 17.25″Seat height: 17.5″Seat width: 17.5″ To develop a better solution for hard-working, multiuse spaces, Herman Miller built on its extensive work chair research base and applied it to secondary seating. The result, the lively Caper chair, was designed by Jeff Weber of Studio Weber & Associates, using universal design principles to create one seating product that accommodates the diversity of people, tasks, and behaviors in a multitude of work areas. Weber believes that design is ”the connective tissue” between people and the environment, and that the quality of that design-whether of a building or a chair-profoundly effects the quality of life. The Caper chair, he says, achieves its high level of performance and comfort by ”using standard materials in novel ways.” The Caper family provides all this at an affordable price. ”Too much good design seems expensive,” Weber says. ”I wanted to break that cliche” Lightweight and easy to move – singly or as a group – Caper chairs weigh about half as much as competitive models; the stackable chair without armrests weighs only 9.5 pounds. Their compact size uses valuable floor space efficiently. Designed to be portable, Caper chairs can be stacked six-high on the floor or 15-high on the Caper Cart and then moved easily as a group. Available with casters or with standard glides for carpets. Stacking chairs can be equipped with innovative Floor Saver Glides, which don’t mar hard finishes and are ideal for vinyl composition tiles (VCT); the glide pushes dirt out of the way instead of running it over and grinding it into the tile / Caper Stacking Chair, Molded Seat by Herman Miller / Black

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