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Butterfly Corner Desk Sleeve by Humanscale


Butterfly Corner Sleeve by Humanscale The Humanscale Butterfly Corner Sleeve will maximize your desk space and keyboard accessibility by turning a 90 degree desktop corner into a diagonal corner, allowing you to mount a keyboard into this space. Features: DE400 fits desks 1-1.5″ thick and DE450 fits desks 1.5-2.5″ thick Available in black Dimensions: 38.5″ l x 13.75″ w Humanscale products are renowned for their high level of functionality. Their philosophy of design is “less is best” and that simplicity is the best route to a high level of utility. Their products demonstrate that the beauty that comes from utility provides the consumer with classically timeless forms. Each of the platform options is designed to ensure that users type and mouse within their Neutral Reach Zone, thereby encouraging safe, sustainable working postures. / Butterfly Corner Desk Sleeve by Humanscale

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