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ARTLESS GAX 48 Dining Table in Brown/Silver, Size 6′


ARTLESS GAX is the most architectural and most structural of their designs. It is a very simple solution to a very common problem, a table with no apron. By designing a table with just two elements, the base and the top. A 2″ solid wood top, 2″ tubular base, no cross members, and no other structural elements; the cleanest possible approach meant to last a lifetime. The GAX tables and benches are work horses camouflaged as stallions, sturdy, strong, and nearly indestructible, yet of an undeniable beauty and elegance. By using 2″ solid wood, for structural purposes, they also create a recreational worktable that tolerates hot and cold objects. The GAX tabletop is composed of solid lumber similar to a butcher-block, but much more beautiful. ARTLESS GAX 48 had its inception as a custom order, yet it is their favorite one now. The width, which seemed intimidating at first, now seems perfect. It’s expensive, thus ideal for family style dinners, as all platters and bowls have a resting place in the center. And since you don’t need trivets or coasters, things can just be slid down freeing you of additional furniture or accessories. Features GAX Collection Made in the USA Available in various sizes and base colors ARTLESS GAX 48 Dining Table in Brown/Silver, Size 6′

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