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Ways to keep your living room clutter free

6 Ways To Keep your Living Room Clutter Free

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Keep your living room clutter-free with these tips

Your living room should be a place to kick back and relax, a private space to enjoy family life and catch up with your loved ones

However, for most of us, it’s just another room we look at and can’t help but think “What a mess”.

Since most of our daily activities take place in the living room, it can end up as a cluttered disaster zone for the knick-knacks of everyday life. It’s also a room where misguided interior design aspirations can lead to clutter, rather than calm.

Don’t worry even the messiest of rooms can still be kept clean and under control, it just takes a little bit of work. Check out our tips on ways to keep your living room clutter free and you’ll be itching to have a clear-out in no time.

Clear out

clear living room

Clearing out your living room might seem like a no-brainer, but one certain way to keep clutter down in your living space is to get rid of the stuff you don’t use, as often as possible.

Do yourself and your living room a favour and devote a few minutes of your week to purge out unnecessary clutters like old magazines, used candles, obsolete paperwork and anything else you feel is keeping your space disorganised — and in no time, you’ll be well on your way to a tidy living room.

Use clutter catchers

storage basket in living room

Though this might sound a little counterproductive, it is a great way to keep your space tidy and clutter-free when you have limited time.

If you’re very busy and rarely have the time to clear out your living room clutter then a clutter catcher is what you need.

In this case, a storage basket can do the job. Invest in adding a couple of storage baskets in the corners of your living room, so you can always drop things like books, magazines, and other living room items that would normally clutter your space into it, so that when you eventually get the time to clear out your space you know exactly where to begin.

Add a coffee table clearing moment into your day

coffee table in living room

Since we spend most of our time in the living room, it makes it the easiest room in our home to get cluttered. Also, when it comes to clutter in the living room our coffee tables is always the number one culprit because we often leave stuff like remote, books, magazine and even mugs on it when they are no longer in use.

To keep your living room clutter-free, add a coffee-table-clearing moment into your day. Whether it is in the morning before you leave for work or at night before you go to bed, designating a few minutes of your day to quickly clear off your coffee table will help keep your living room tidy while offering up some spare room to set down your morning coffee.

Integrate furniture with hidden storage

storage sleeper sofabed

If you live in a small space, one of the best ways to keep your living room tidy and free from clutter is to find ways to integrate multifunctional storage furniture into your space. These type of furniture will serve other purposes while still helping you keep the stuff you do not need out of sight.

Living room furniture with hidden storage space like storage ottomans, sleeper sofas with seat storage, and even coffee tables with secret storage compartments are great for hiding clutter away and keeping your living room organized.

Keep your bookshelf more organised

bookshelf with storage box

Making sure your bookshelf is tidy and organised is a good way to keeping your living room clutter-free.

Bookshelves do double duty, they work as storage space for books and display space for accessories. So making sure your books are well arranged and your accessories properly displayed on it is a great way to start.

You can also create more storage on your bookshelf and making it more organised by adding a few storage cubes or boxes into the mix. They create storage room for other belongings that might keep your living room disorganised.

Vertical storage wins all the time

floating shelf in living room

Living in a space with a small living room means you have to be watchful of the types of furniture you bring in so you can maximise your space and still have enough floor space to move around.

At times when space is limited, you can always count on vertical storage to score some extra living room storage space to help you stay organized.

Install a few floating shelves or even a full-blown floating cabinet for loads of extra storage room without taking up an inch of your precious floor space.

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