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How to Style with a Pastel and Bold Colour Palette

How to Style with Pastel & Bold Colour Palette

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Combine Pastel and Bold Colours to Create a Relaxing Space

Styling your space with bright color packs a visual punch and makes a seriously bold statement. But the trick is to make that impact without it looking tacky. So how do you do that? Make sure your bold color stays sophisticated and visually soothing by mixing them with pastel.

Pastel can help give your space a soft, fresh feel thereby creating a calming interior. When mixed with a bold color, gives a relaxing and comforting aura. A great way to bring pastel into your home besides furniture is through home accessories, such as cushions, rugs, throws, and lots more.

So if you are ready to refresh your home for the new year, follow these tips on how to style with pastel and bold color to transform your space into a stylish, vibrant, and gorgeous haven.

Living room

Pastel and bold living room
Image Credit: Walls By Me

Styling your living room with pastel and bold color gives it a calm, relaxing, and inviting feel, which is exactly how you or your guests should feel once they step into your living room. The sofa brings the bold color in this case, while the cushion and throw add that pastel spice that gives the living room a sophisticated look.


Pastel and bold bedroom
Image credit:: Wayfair

Your bedroom should be a place where you retire to after a long day. It should help you fall asleep easily once you are ready to have a good night’s rest. Just like in the case of the bedroom above, where the table lamp, throw, rug, and storage ottoman brings in bold color, while the color of the wall, the comforter, and pillowcase balance the bold color by introducing pastel. This combination created a relaxing haven anyone can fall asleep in.

Kitchen and Dining

pastel and bold dining room
Image Credit: Shutterfly

Enjoy your meal in a more relaxed environment by setting up your dining room space to be tranquil. This dining room combines the bold and pastel color in a very simple way through the dining chairs.

Home Office

pastel and bold home office
Image Credit: Decoist

Work from home is still an ever-growing trend. And to work productively from your home office needs to be a calm spot that motivates you to be productive. You can take inspiration from this home office where the bold orange color of the wallpaper is complemented by the pastel blue color of the home office chair to create a comfortable, tranquil workspace you will love working in.

Kid’s room

pastel and bold kids room
Image Credit: Design Cafe

Kid’s bedroom has always been associated with pastel color. You can create a calm, fun and trendy bedroom for your child by getting furniture and accessories that come with a mix of bold color and pastel. Looking at the children bedroom above you can see the wall and cushions bring in the bold color while the wall art introduces the pastel, making the bedroom a place your child would love.

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