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Maximize your living room space

How To Maximize Your Living Room With Storage Solutions

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Storage solutions to help you maximize your living room space

The living room is likely the most public and communal space in the house—it is where you entertain guests, so it has to make a good impression. For your living room to be appealing, it needs to be free of clutter which means you need to find ways to store your daily knick-knacks.

Finding creative and stylish places to stow your belongings in a living room is very important, especially in a small one. The key to getting your living room storage spot on is choosing pieces that offer specific functionality but still have storages spaces attached to them.

Here, we share some stylish and practical storage solutions that will help you maximize your living room space.

Float your storage

floating shelf
Floating your storage or attaching your storage to a wall in your living room is a very good way of adding extra storage to your space without taking up your floor space. And one way to do this is with floating shelves. Floating shelves can be installed in vertical surfaces or corners. If you live in a small space, it is important to make it less obvious and more attractive.

TV units that store

corner tv unit

We all love to cosy up on the sofa and enjoy our favourite series, so it’s important that we pick the right TV unit to display our lovely flat-screen TV on. You can enjoy your TV series and still have extra storage space to stack stuff like cables, CDs and lots more by going for corner or wall-mounted TV units with storage.

Add style and functionality

storage coffee tables

Remote controls, magazines, candles, gadgets,  you name it – the living room table has a lot to take care of, so we need to find more ways to keeps stuff so we don’t leave our living room cluttered. Get more organised with tables that offer a specific functionality while still providing you with space to store most of your belongings. You can add style and more functionality to your living room with coffee tables, side tables, console tables and sofa tables with open or hidden storage.

Storage coffee tables

Regardless of how big or small your home is, there never seems to be quite enough storage space to go around. That is why it is essential to sneak as much extra room as you can into your space, so you can hide away clutter in style. And since our coffee tables are probably always covered in stuff (think magazines, remotes, books, and various knickknacks), it only makes sense to get a coffee table that doubles as a place to stow away your stuff.

Storage console tables

Console tables with storage are the perfect accent tables. Not only do they serve a surface function, but they provide a place to put all sorts of things such as games, magazines, books, or even spare pillows and blankets out of sight yet where they are handy when needed.

Side tables with storage

When it comes to decorating your living room, nothing helps accent your room better than a well-chosen side table. They offer a great place to put decorations and plants, and you can even use them as a place to put your TV remote or favourite books.

Clutter, on the other hand, is frustrating and also a design killer that plagues most homes. Luckily, multipurpose furniture like side tables with storage are perfect to hide away clutter. They encourage organization and hide away odds and ends to help your space not only have a neat and organized appearance but also give you more of a chance of finding things when you need them.

Sofa tables with storage

Whether behind a sofa or against the wall, which works great, sofa tables with storage are the perfect additional furniture piece to give your sofa back or exposed wall a little colour, a little style, and with the drawers you can stow away things you are not using to keep them from cluttering your living room.

A stylish way to store

storage ottoman

Finding furniture pieces that are both fashionable and functional is a must when decorating a room. Storage ottomans are great, as they provide space to keep your blankets, shoes, games, etc. organized, while also adding to the entire aesthetic of your space. Some even function as seating, which even adds more to their functionality.

Bookcases that organise even better

storage bookcase

A bookcase with storage is another way to add extra storage space to your living room. It provides you with a space for your books, displays your decor on open shelves, as well as keeping your personal items hidden behind closed storage.

Its a combination of style and functionality. For a more organised look, put your items into a storage cube or a storage box before placing on your storage bookcase.

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