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Small bedroom ideas to maximize space

9 Small Bedroom Ideas for Maximizing Space and Style

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Bedroom ideas to maximize space and style

Living in a small space requires a little bit of extra thinking and creativity. To make the most of your small bedroom, without leaving it cluttered, you should consider the following:  smart storage solutions, how to arrange a tight space, and (because you can’t have everything), how to determine what deserves a spot in your home.

We have put together some great small bedroom ideas to help maximize your space with style, from creative storage solutions to home accessories, which will be a stylish addition to your small bedroom.

Make a bookcase bed chic

bookcase bed

Basic beds are so last year! You can make more use of your space by swapping your ‘space taking’ bed, with a space maximizing bed, such as a bookcase bed. Yes it’s a bed, but it also has a bookcase! This way you have a spot to rest at night and a perch for all your favourite bestsellers for that late night reading session.

Go ahead and make your bookcase bed headboard more chic, by treating it like a canvas to add your style. Add artwork, a picture frame or anything else which you can’t live without, but don’t overdo it or you will clutter your small bedroom.

Get creative with storage at the foot of your bed

storage bench in bedroom

No one really likes an untidy room, no really they don’t! But sometimes you just don’t have enough storage space to tidy things away. Don’t limit yourself to storage baskets and storage cubes when there are so many types of storage available, particularly functional pieces with style that you can leave out in plain view.

Try a storage bench with a tiny footprint, and you’re all set. This area can also double as a spot to set out your clothes for the next day or a place to sit on while you put on your shoes. Multi-tasking all the way!

Play with proportion

bed on rug

If your bedroom is very small, adding a bed without an oversized headboard, on top of an oversized area rug can instantly amplify your space and make it appear larger. Just don’t go too large with the rug, go for a layered look, rather than total floor covering.

Playing with scale will really create the illusion of more space, compared to how cramped your space will feel if you choose a bed with a large scale headboard.

Add floating shelves and over door storage

floating shelf in bedroom

Turn even the tightest and most awkward corners in your bedroom into a streamlined storage display, with floating shelves and over the door storage. A shelf hung in the corner of your bedroom will provide extra storage, and the perfect place to display your most valued decor pieces, while over the door storage will add extra storage to your bedroom, without taking up any floor space.

Work a room divider

room divider with bookcase

If you live in a small space, without a separate bedroom, a shelving unit can double as a room divider. It can act as a visual separation between your sleeping and living area and store your books! Choose a shelving unit without a back, to separate your space whilst not blocking off much needed light, as the space between your books will be enough to let light stream in.

Go for space-savvy lighting

wall sconces

If you’ve been searching for a stylish way to bring more lighting into your small bedroom (without taking up too much space), then consider wall hung lighting like sconces. Not only are they much less bulky than most table lamps and pendants, but most of these wall-mounted wonders are also designed with adjustable arms for a more space-savvy lighting solution.

Accessorize away

bed with coloured throw pillow

When space is limited and you don’t have the room for large-scale bedroom furniture, then consider going big with your home accessories. Think bold throw pillows, colourful wall art, and layered textiles.

Use nesting tables instead of nightstands

nesting tables as nightstands

Place a pair of nesting tables next to your bed instead of a traditional nightstand.  You can have more surfaces when you need it (like breakfast in bed problems like where to put your cup), without bringing more furniture into the room to do the job. The empty space underneath can be used for a storage basket or a storage cube to tidy things away.

Need more inspiration?

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