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Furniture Ideas for the Foot of Your Bed

8 Ways to Deal With the Awkward Spot at the Foot of Your Bed

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Furniture Ideas for the Space at the Foot of Your Bed

Your bedding is spotless, you have got your bed frame all squared away, and you managed to finally find a set of nightstands you love, but what about the foot of your bed? This area is probably one spot that’s often neglected, but it can serve as another stylish focal point and a good way to add more storage if you play your design cards right.

Unlike a regular dresser or set of shelves, foot of the bed storage can be much more unobtrusive and come across as a deliberate style choice rather than where you hide your off-season clothing. You also have a wide range of storage options to select from.

So if the foot of your bed has been left vacant for long, then now is the time to give it some tender love and care. The ideas you find below are perfect for making a functional end of bed you will be proud of.

Try a storage bench

storage bench in bedroom
Image Credit: Dulux

Place a storage bench at the foot of your bed to create an instant and easy spot to rest, and storage space to tidy things.

A storage bench makes for a convenient perch to put on and take off your shoes, and also the perfect spot for keeping clothes, extra pillows and shams from your bed and even stacks of books.

Choose a storage bench that is the same width as your bed, or slightly smaller so that it feels like an extension of your bed rather than a piece that overtakes the room.

Display your favorite shoes

end of bed shoe storage

Looking for extra storage for your shoes? You can put your favourite shoes on display with a shoe bench placed at the foot of your bed. The top of the bench can also provide you with a seat, and a good spot to place some of your favourite decor pieces that need to be displayed.

A storage ottoman works well

end of bed storage ottoman

A storage ottoman can be an incredibly functional and attractive piece of furniture in your bedroom. Place a rectangular one at the foot of your bed to provide a place to stash those decorative pillows that you use only once in a while, or to store extra blankets and pillows.

Add more storage space with a dresser

end of bed dresser

A storage bench at the foot of your bed gives you a place to put shoes on, store decorative pillows at night, and more. But if you want to really max out your bedroom storage capacity, then switch out the storage bench for a compact dresser at the foot of your bed. A dresser offers the same clean look that works so well with the bed-bench combo but with more functional storage.

Generally, you will want to opt for something low and compact.

Use a storage trunk

end of bed storage trunk

Whether it’s just for design or for actual storage, a storage trunk can serve as the perfect end piece to your bed. It provides you with an ideal place to store those necessary but underused things for your bed.

End-of-bed storage trunks are classic in appearance and large enough to fit whatever you wish to put inside it.

Create a seating area

end of bed armchairs

You can bring the comfort of your living room into your bedroom by creating a mini seating area at the foot fo your bed. Pairing a comfy armchair with a small side table instantly gives your bedroom an intimate and cosy atmosphere. If your space allows for it, opt for matching chairs to create a conversation area for two.

Try a pair of stools

end of bed stools

If you’re looking for end of bed pieces that feel like less of a spatial commitment, then adding a pair of matching stools will be a good option. Smaller than a bench, stools work well in tighter spaces. They are also easy to move around and can be pulled into other rooms when you need extra seating.

A mini home office at the foot of your bed

desk at bed end

While adding furniture with storage options to the foot of your bed is a good choice, putting a compact desk instead, will provide you with a mini home office to work comfortably, and productively from. This concept is stylish and gives you extra counter space to place photo frames and vases.

Need more inspiration?

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