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Buying Guide for Small Bedrooms

Buying Guide for Small Bedrooms

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Your bedroom should be both welcoming and relaxing. It is your own private oasis and should be the perfect space to rest after a long and stressful day.

With this in mind, it is crucial to get the right look and feel right. But how do you transform a small bedroom into a stylish and restful retreat?  With so many styles, colours, and furniture options, trying to get that perfect look can be quite overwhelming!  In this buying guide for small bedrooms, you will find all you need to help you create the bedroom of your dreams.

Things to Consider When Buying Furniture for a Small Bedroom

Size & Shape

Take a good look at the size and shape of your bedroom, and check out where you will position things like your bed. If you are planning to use nightstands, make sure you have electrical points for the lamps nearby. Furniture  should be able to fit in your bedroom, while still providing you with enough space to move around. It is worth noting that furniture which is too big for the room, can make the room cluttered, even if the furniture is beautiful.


Colour in a bedroom is more than just style. Certain colours are relaxing, and some are stimulating. Choosing the right colour in your bedroom, can make the difference between a restless night, or perfect sleep. Complementary furniture will turn the bedroom into a peaceful and stylish sanctuary.


Determine the style you want for your new bedroom. Would simple, clean lines of modern furniture express your style perfectly? Or do you prefer a more traditional design? Sometimes blending modern with traditional works (such as mid-century), but you might prefer a more consistent style. Consider how new furniture will work with what you already have.


What type of storage do you need? Do you have lots of shoes? Or do you need extra clothes storage space? If your room does not have an adequate closet, consider adding furniture with extra storage. Storage beds can store a lot of extra bedding and blankets. Nightstands and even mirrors can provide additional storage opportunities. Vanity tables or dressers can be used to store overflow items. Just make sure you have space for all your things to keep clutter at bay.


The bed is the most important item of furniture in any bedroom. Choosing the right bed and mattress will make a big difference to your sleep.  If space is a consideration choose the space saving smaller scale bed.  You can choose a multifunctional bed with storage, or led lights and USB charging. Whether the bed is for your master bedroom, kids room or a guest room, the right size, type and material will help you maximise your small bedroom.

Storage beds

Storage beds are a practical multifunctional solution for maximizing small bedrooms. You can have a comfy bed and storage space to store bedding and out of season clothing items. Storage options vary from beds with drawers, storage headboards, ottomans, or full on bookcase beds. Depending on the size of your bedroom, you can choose a storage twin, full, queen or king size bed.
storage bed

Bed frames

While storage beds are perfect bed solutions for small spaces, when you have a very small bedroom, they might look too bulky. Having a bed frame with legs, will allow light to pass through it. You will be able to fit under bed storage, or storage boxes, underneath.

Bookcase beds

Bookcase beds are multifunctional and one of the best ways to maximize space in a bedroom. When it comes to organizing your bedroom, bookcase beds give you a combination of comfy sleep and space to neatly stash all your favourite books.

Some of the bookcase beds come incorporated with drawers for hidden storage, while others come with built-in shelves. So put into consideration what will be better for your space before purchasing one.

Bedroom storage

Bedroom storage is really essential when setting up a bedroom because without them your bedroom will be cluttered with clothes, shoes and other bedroom essentials. So to keep your bedroom organised you need a place to hide away things like clothing, bedding, jewellery, and shoes when they are not in use.

Keeping a bedroom organised and clutter-free is even more difficult when living in a small bedroom, so to keep clutter at bay in a small space one, needs to get creative with storage.

So whether you need extra space to store your clothes or creative ways to organise your small bedroom, you will find storage furniture that are suitable for you.

Charging nightstands

Charging nightstands are multi-functional, they provide you with nice bedside storage to keep things like remote, phones and alarm clock while giving you built-in charging spots to plug your devices. So if you hate having to get out from under the warm covers just to plug your phones then a charging nightstand is what you need.

Compact chests

A compact chest helps you keep your small bedroom space organized. They have drawers that help you hideaway clutter.

Chests are normally taller than they are wide, making them a great option if you have limited floor space. Varying in height, they carry between 5-7 drawers stacked in a single column.

So to maximise your space, even more, go for those that are compact so they take up only little of your precious floor space while still giving you enough storage space for your belongings.

Wall mounted clothing racks

Clothing racks are good storage options for your clothes. They can be used in a stylish way to display your favourite garments in one place. Utilizing a wall mounted cloth rack is a simple way to maximise your bedroom space while keeping your clothes hung, organised and wrinkle-free.


Jewellery armoires

Give your precious gems, chains, watches, rings, trinkets, baubles, and everything in between — the time and attention that they deserve with space saving jewellery armoires.

These stylish jewellery storage comprise of storage options that are fit for a blank wall, and portable options that take up only little of your floor space. They are also multifunctional because they also have mirrors that you can use when dressing up.

Storage benches

Storage benches combine style and function beautifully in a bedroom because they provide you with extra storage to hide away stuff when you do not need them and also a nice place to perch on in your bedroom while you sip on your coffee. You can also place a nice upholstered one at the edge of your bed to complement it.

Compact vanity set

If you want a vanity set, but your bedroom is small and confined, then a compact vanity set is what you need. You can find a range of compact vanity sets for your small bedroom that will allow you to do your make up and get ready on a daily basis while enjoying ample floor space to move around.

vanity table

Chairs and seating

More than just a place to sleep, your bedroom should be a space where you can escape and relax at the end of the day. One great way to make that happen is to incorporate a comfortable place to sit either at the foot of your bed, in front of your vanity or just beside your nightstand.


Bring the comforts of your living room into your bedroom by creating a mini lounge area at the foot of your bed. Pairing a  comfy chair with a small side table instantly gives your bedroom an intimate and cosy atmosphere. If your space allows for it, opt for matching chairs to create a conversation area for two.
chair in bedroom

Sleeper sofas

A sleeper sofa is a must-have if you have a bedroom space that cannot take a sofa and a bed. It is a multifunctional piece of furniture that provides you with a comfortable sofa to sit on while you read that bestseller you just got, and also a mattress you or your guest can roll out and stretch out on for a nap or a good night sleep.

Bedroom accessories

Even with all of the essentials in place, your bedroom might still be lacking that special something and that is because, for the most part, it is the accessories that transform a functional but plain room into a cosy and attractive space that feels welcoming after a long day. And certain accessories work so well in the bedroom; you can give your space a whole new look just by adding them to the mix.

Mirrors with storage

Add more functionality to your small bedroom with mirrors that come with storage like shelves. They serve the purpose of helping you make sure you look great before stepping out and also gives you a spot to place some of your daily needs. Some come with open shelves while others have shelves enclosed behind the mirror.
bedroom mirrors

Lamps with shelves

The right bedroom lighting can make a massive improvement in how your space looks. And if it comes with a nice shelf or set of shelves to help you keep your bedroom organised and clutter-free that is even better.  Select from a range of multifunctional table and floor lamps that illuminate and also helps keep your space organised.

Kids Bedroom

kids bedroom

Kids beds

When working with a small space for your kid’s bedroom you need to make sure you maximise your space as much as possible. And the best way to get this done is to use furniture that helps conserve space. Whether your child wants a new bedroom look or is outgrowing their old furniture, a great selection of space saving kids bed will help you maximise the space you are working with.

Storage kids beds

A storage bed helps your kid’s room stay organised and clutter-free. This multifunctional furniture piece provides a good spot for your kid to sleep on and also a storage option in form of drawers or shelves to help store clothes, bedding, toys and other things that might clutter the bedroom space.

Bunk beds

Bunk beds are perfect when you don’t have enough space for separate bedrooms for your kids. They provide between two to three bed spaces all on one bed frame giving everyone a spot to lie on. They also come with ladders to help everyone safely get to their specific beds.

Multifunctional beds

Multifunctional beds are beds that perform more than one task in your kid’s room. Some provide a place for your kids to sleep alongside storage space and a desk. They are the perfect options when you are trying to maximize space because it saves you the floor space for additional storage and desk you would have added to your kid’s room.

Kids trundle beds

Kids trundle beds are perfect for small kids bedroom. They help maximize space by providing the room with two functions while taking up the space of one furniture. With a trundle bed, a second bed or extra storage can be pulled out below the first bed. This can be a great way to add more bed space or more storage space to your kid’s room without cluttering it.

Kids chairs and sofas

Give your kids a seat to play, relax and enjoy their day with compact chairs and sofas that fit into the smallest spaces in their bedrooms. Some of this furniture come in modern styles that complement other furniture already in the room. Always consider the size of your kid’s room before buying one, so your kids can still have enough space to play and move around.

Space saving kids bedroom storage

Keep your kid’s room organised and free of toys, clothes and other clutter with space saving kids room storage like compact bookcases, shelves and nightstands that will fit into very small areas of their bedroom while giving them enough space to play and move around.

Guest room

guest room

Day beds

The most important thing you can provide for a guest is a good, comfortable place to rest. To help your guest feel relaxed and at home, a comfortable day bed will work perfectly. If you get lots of guests, then consider going for a stylish daybed that hides a trundle bed for an additional guest.

Folding beds

A folding bed is the best solution when you live in a very small bedroom and need your floor space to move around and also to do other things. With a folding bed, you have the luxury of folding up your bed after sleeping to free up more floor space during the day.
It is also a good bed choice if you get lots of guests but live in a small space.

Trundle beds

If you have friends or siblings who love sleepovers as guests very often, then it might be time you thought about investing in a trundle bed (especially if you live in a small bedroom and don’t have room for an extra bed). This space-saving piece of furniture gives you two beds within the footprint of one.

With a trundle bed, you can easily pull out the extra bed for your guest to sleep on. and tuck it back in when it is no longer in use.

Bedroom accessories

Bedroom accessories can add useful functionality, and enhance enjoyment of your home.

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