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2021 Emerging Home Design Trends

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Top 6 Emerging Home Design Trends of 2021

Houzz has identified the top six emerging home design trends in 2021. These trends are based on the latest search data insights gathered from homeowners, home enthusiasts, and home professionals in the US between April and June 2021.

The outcome shows demand for dedicated activity space in the home, the necessity to create pliable interior spaces, and a passion for luxury colors and materials. It also emerged from the trends that people are looking to bring the outdoor in.

The swimming pools are not also left out as there has been a spike in searches on swimming pool design ideas within the period mentioned above.

Below are the six emerging home design trends in 2021

Dedicated Activity Spaces

Dedicated activity space
Credit: Caroline Sharpnack/Houzz

The isolation created by the pandemic stimulated the desire to engage in new hobbies. Houzz found out that Americans were increasingly eager for a dedicated activity space and new entertainment at home.

The trend shows art studios (up nearly 10x), home bars and wine cellars (up nearly 4x), and home theaters, home gyms, and home offices (up 3x, 2.5x, and 2x, respectively).

Home Bar

Home Office

Luxury Fabrics, Materials, and Colors

Luxury Fabrics, Materials and Colors
Credit: Nick Klein/Houzz

Compared with the second quarter of 2020, trending fabrics, materials, and colors saw searches including velvet, gold, and crystal jumping in the second quarter of 2021.

Gold table lamp (up by 1166%), Velvet accent chair (up by 1161%), champagne color (up by 846%), gold wall mirrors (up by 606%), crystal table lamps (up by 629%), and velvet sofas (up by 121%) had a significant increase in search.

Gold Table Lamps

Velvet Accent Chairs

Gold Wall Mirrors

Crystal Table Lamps

Velvet Sofas

Living Room Refresh

Living Room Refresh
Credit: Jessica Cain/Houzz

As people spend more time within the living room the past year because of lockdown, they may be looking for inspiration to refresh the space. Compared to the same period in 2020, search volume in the living room has increased by 52%.

Throw pillows and home accents have the most significant search growth (51 times and 25 times, respectively), and decorative accents, abstract wall art, and display shelves also had a notable increase in search.

Throw Pillows

Abstract Wall Art

Display Shelves

Flexible Design

Flexible Home
Credit: Matthew Niemann/Paper Moon

Many homeowners in the US are turning to design options that provide greater flexibility within the footprint of existing homes according to the Houzz report.

Search for TV armoires with pocket doors went up by 23 times, wall beds were up by 21 times, and nested side tables (up 20 times).

Swivel accent chair (up to 20 times) creates a flexible definition between rooms, and the daybed sets (up to 9 times) provides multiple uses in the home.

Wall beds

Nesting tables

Swivel Accent Chair

Day beds

Bringing the Outdoors In

Bringing the Outdoors In
Credit: Rikki Synder/Houzz

According to the report released by Houzz earlier this year, it was reported that one out of five homeowners in the US are opening up their kitchens to the outdoors. The role of green plants in our homes seems to be increasing significantly as more people are becoming open to nature.

Compared with the same period last year, searches for artificial plants and trees and indoor potted plants and flower pots have increased by 7.5 times and 4.5 times, respectively according to the company.

They also saw a significant increase in green kitchen cabinets, bathroom tiles, key chains, and bedroom searches.


Swimming Pool Design

Swimming Pool Design Trends
Credit: Carolyn Reyes/Houzz

Outdoor spaces such as the poolside have also attracted additional attention. Compared to the same period in 2020, searches for swimming pools and pool houses have more than doubled. People are looking for a specific pool style, shape, and design.

Designs like rectangular pools (up 576%), lap pools (up 269%), infinity pools (up 214%), plunge pools (up 73%) and, geometric pools (up 70%) have all seen significant spike in search.

Also, the search for pools with water features has increased by nearly eight times at 797% compared to the same period in 2020.

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